Tai Chi Express ☯️


Tai Chi Express is a program designed for self study in your home on your time. No need to run out to classes or sign on at specific times to take class online.

The program contains short videos averaging about 15 minutes each that are progressive and build upon each other. And you can watch them and practice with them as many times as you want.

Miss a detail?

Watch it again!

People with movement experience such as dance, traditional martial arts, or other Tai Chi systems will find the videos especially informative.

And it’s great for self motivated beginners who enjoy learning at their own pace!

It’s suggested that you focus on one lesson per week so that you have time to to fully absorb the material. Once finished all 13 videos, you’ll have internalized a Tai Chi workout that’ll take 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Tai Chi Express is a great addition and compliment to any physical fitness, meditation, or wellness program. Because of its low-impact nature, Tai Chi is a great choice for almost anyone.

Benefits include:

Improved balance
Increased mobility
Reduced arthritis
Strengthened immune system
Reduction in chronic stress and anxiety

The cost of the 13 lesson program is $135 and there’s a payment link below. That’s about $10 per lesson. Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you links to the videos and the access codes.

Feel free to email me at any time with questions. I want you to be successful and well.

Click HERE to pay and register 🙏

*As of 6/18/2020:
5 of the videos are available to download and a new video is added each week.